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How the delivery works

Delivery via courier

Order a bouquet from the comfort of your home, office or when travelling, and pay via credit card or another method. You can place the order from a PC, tablet or a smartphone. We will deliver the bouquets to your chosen one, as soon as possible – on the same day, or even within a few hours. We will deliver the bouquet to any address in Czech Rep.

You do not need to care about anything else.

We monitor your order constantly. If a major problem occurs, we solve it with you. After a successful delivery, we inform you via email. 

See more about towns, townships and villages into which we deliver at Flower Delivery.

What our customers say about us

Objednáno večer, doručeno dopoledne, doma spokojenost doteď. (cca 10dni) Budu opakovat.

Jindřích 29.9.2019

- Objednávám internetem spokojenost nadmíru
- Rychlost, přesnost
- Kvalitní práce a služby

Anett 27.9.2019

- nakúpila som krásnu kytku a mohla som ju poslať milovanej osobe, hoci sme stovky kilometrov od seba, kytka prišla krásna, čerstvá, urobila obrovskú radost

Milka 24.9.2019