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Delivery of flowers in the Czech Republic on Mon-Fri for 129 CZK



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  • Delivery tomorrow throughout the Czech Republic
  • Freshness guaranteed
  • Rating 4.8 out of 5 (1316 reviews)


We remember them with a funeral bouquet consisting of chrysanthemums and irises, complete with solida and green decoration. The bouquet includes a mourning ribbon.

The arrangement shown is in the classic version.
We will deliver the bouquet directly to the funeral hall or to the church.
At the service, we will arrange for the decoration to be displayed by the coffin of the deceased.
You will receive a mourning ribbon for free. Please enter a short message only.
Write us the request for the color of the ribbon.

Instructions for filling out the form

In the "To whom we will send flowers" section, write:

  • Field "First and last name" the name of the deceased
  • The "Company" field is the name of the church, funeral hall, or just state - the funeral hall
  • Field "Street and no." and "City" address of the church/funeral hall
  • "Phone" field - your phone number
  • Field "Text on the card" - write a short text on the ribbon, a longer text on the condolence card
  • Field "Instructions for us" - the exact time of the start of the ceremony and possibly other requirements

Price for flower delivery

We deliver the bouquet Commemorate to the church, funeral hall and to addresses throughout the Czech Republic. We hand over the flowers to the attendant and ask them to be displayed by the casket.

  • You pay CZK129.00 for delivery on Mon-Fri.
  • The price for imports on Sat, Sun and public holidays is CZK250.00.

The prices are flat and valid for all cities and towns in the Czech Republic. The driver proceeds sensitively when handing over.

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