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Delivery on Mon-Fri 99 CZK


Lilies are beautiful flowers that you will literally fall in love with at first sight. This is due to the strong and pleasant scent and the remarkable appearance of their flowers.

The bouquet of lilies will stay fresh for a long time, as the lilies bloom flower by flower, and as soon as one of them withers, it quickly replaces the other. They are a symbol of purity and innocence. Like friendship, gratitude, or respect, they can express love, making them suitable for all occasions. You can choose from the bouquets we have designed for you, or create your own.

We will deliver the ordered flower to Prague and the Czech Republic within 2 hours of ordering. You will pay CZK 99 for the transport of the arrangement and handover handed over on weekdays. On other days, the price is CZK 250.



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