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We take care for flowers

Trim the stems before placing the bouquet in a vase.

How to treat flowers to make them last?

Have you received a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers and you already feel sad you will have to throw them away in a couple of days? We will advise you on how to care for cut flowers so that they can give you joy for as long as possible. Each kind of flowers requires different treatment.

  • Roses require enough water and further care in form of regular shortening of the stems by diagonal cuts. Only then can they stay on your table for up to two weeks.
  • Tulips require cold (feel free to drop an ice cube into the vase) and the water to be changed regularly. While doing that do not forget to shorten each stem with an inclined cut in 45°.
  • Lilies can hold in the vase for up to 2 weeks. To achieve that you have to change their water regularly and shorten the stems with a sharp cut.
  • Gerbera daisies are some of the more long-lasting flowers. Place them trimmed into a clean vase full of water containing nutrients. Change the water regularly and shorten the stems.
  • Chrysanthemums can last up to 3 weeks in the vase with the right care. It is crucial to pour in a water-disinfectant to stop the reproduction of bacteria.
  • Alstroemeria you may also know as Peruvian Lilies. They belong to a cold place in the shade, trimmed with an inclined cut. The water needs to be changed every three days.
  • Before carnations are placed in a vase, trim the stems by about 3 cm and remove the bottom leaves which would be bellow surface. For their first night at your house, place the carnations in a colder room, do not leave them near a bowl of fruit. Did you know that carnations can go a full day without water?
  • Freesias do not require much care. They only need the stems trimmed by about 3 cm and a regular change of water.
  • Iris looks amazing in any setting. It requires no special treatment compared to other flow Caring for is is no different than most flowers. The most important is a clean vase, a regular change of water, and a trimmed stem.
  • Gypsophila aka Baby’s-breath has a lovely smell and works wonders in accessorising other more prominent flowers, it last long in the vase.
  • Bird of Paradise flower, a palm-like flower with a taller stem and a rosette of leaves, loves the sun and will last relatively long in the vase.
  • Heliconia can stay fresh in the vase even for a couple of weeks. A regular change of water should be a must. Did you know that it is a distant relative of the banana plant?

Our tip: Flowers need fresh air, so air the room regularly. On the other hand, what can they not stand? A bowl of ripening fruit nearby. This speeds up the blooming of the and shortens the time in which the flowers can give you joy.

Fresh flowers are an embellishment to any room. They bring a piece of nature into your home. Thank them for it with the proper care. They will reward you with longevity and beauty. The buds will be blooming and the blossoms will be spreading a lovely fragrance.