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Delivery of flowers in the Czech Republic on Mon-Fri for 129 CZK

Magic of sensuality


Complementary range

  • Delivery throughout the Czech Republic
  • Freshness guaranteed
  • Rating 4.8 out of 5 (1322 reviews)


What is the magic of sensuality? In an irresistible combination of roses, santina, hyperica and complementary greenery. Conjure up a beautiful atmosphere with its help on every festive occasion.

The photo shows a classic size bouquet.
The roses have an XL flower size.
The size of the bouquet in the basic version is approx. 25-30 cm.
The arrangement is suitable for almost any occasion - birthdays, holidays, festive moments, just for fun...
Glowing eyes effect - ✿✿✿✿❀
The flowers were imported from Colombia or Ecuador, Holland, Poland and Italy.

Flowers stay fresh longer if they are cared for daily

  • Every day and also after receiving the bouquet from the courier, cut the stems with an oblique cut by approx. 1 cm.
  • Wash and dry the vase daily. Pour fresh and cold water into it.
  • Add cut flower food to the water. We will add it to the bouquet.
  • Place the decorated vase in a cool place out of direct sunlight and away from fresh fruit.

Price for delivery of flowers to the address

We deliver flowers throughout the Czech Republic. You pay for this service:

  • You pay CZK129.00 for delivering flowers to the hands of the recipient on Mon-Fri.
  • The price for transport on Sat, Sun and public holidays is CZK250.00.

You can determine the time of the driver's arrival at the address within 3 hours. The gift can be handed over at a private or business address, or at a restaurant or hair salon. Couriers are always discreet when handing over and do not disclose information about the customer.

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