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Delivery of flowers in the Czech Republic on Mon-Fri for 129 CZK

Sun in room


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  • Delivery tomorrow throughout the Czech Republic
  • Freshness guaranteed
  • Rating 4.8 out of 5 (1316 reviews)


When he walks in the door, it's as if the sun itself has appeared in the room. Make her happy with a bouquet that will brighten her day. The combination of santin, iris, solidága and additional greenery is the right one.


The bouquet is tied from flowers in premium quality - A1. In the illustrative photo you can see a deluxe flower. The diameter of the arrangement is about 25 cm in the basic size. Wow effect from a donated bouquet: ✿✿✿✿❀.

We imported flowers from Holland.

How to keep a bouquet fresh as long as possible

  1. Do not leave the bouquet on the table after receipt. These are flowers and you need water!
  2. Therefore, shorten the stems immediately and place the bouquet in a clean vase with cold water. Don't forget to add the plant nutrition you have from us for free.
  3. Change the water every other day, clean the vase and also shorten the stems.
  4. And if you exhibit the decoration in a cool room without direct light, you will enjoy the flowers for a week.

Price for delivery of flowers to the address

We will deliver the Sun in room bouquet to an address throughout the Czech Republic. You pay for this service:

  • delivery on weekdays - CZK129.00.
  • delivery on Sat, Sun and public holiday - CZK250.00.

Prices are flat. Upon delivery, the driver is discreet and does not provide information about the customer.

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