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Delivery of flowers in the Czech Republic on Mon-Fri for 129 CZK

Sweet garden


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  • Delivery tomorrow throughout the Czech Republic
  • Freshness guaranteed
  • Rating 4.8 out of 5 (1316 reviews)


Surprise your loved ones with a beautiful memory of a blooming garden full of colors. The perfect combination of colorful roses, alstroemeria and tanaceta will soften every soul.

The depicted bouquet is in the classic variant.
The quality of the flowers is A1 (highest).
The size of the bouquet in the basic size is approx. 30 cm.
You will receive a card with a message for free from us. Don't forget to include the text in the order.
Replacement option: we always try to keep the composition of the bouquet, but the material is not always available. Therefore, individual flowers can be replaced, for example: cluster roses with alstromerias, tanacetum santinas and limonium wax or gypsophila. Alternatively, we can use another flower in a different color as a substitute.
The flowers were imported from Holland and Italy.

Taking care of the flowers will extend the shelf life of the bouquet

  • After receiving the bouquet, the stems must be shortened by approx. 1 cm with a sharp knife. Place the flowers in a washed vase with cool, fresh water.
  • Add cut flower food to the water. You will receive the package from us together with the bouquet.
  • Repeat shortening the stem, washing and drying the vase and running fresh water every day.
  • Display the decoration in a shady and cool place. Remove fruit from reach.

Price for delivery of a bouquet to an address

We will deliver the flower Sweet garden throughout the Czech Republic. Just order and pay online and the rest is up to us.

  • You pay CZK129.00 for delivery on Mon-Fri.
  • The price for transport on Sat, Sun and public holidays is CZK250.00.

Prices are fixed and unchangeable.

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