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Which place is ideal for placing a vase of flowers?

You will receive a beautiful bouquet that will make you overwhelmingly happy, but this will be replaced by the worry of where to place it. One would think that it doesn't matter, as long as it's in plain sight and you can look at it all the time. But it's not that simple. If you put it on the table, you can see it, but you'll probably move it again when you're eating at the table. Window sill? It won't stand out as much there, plus you'll shorten its life. So what do you do with it? Even the choice of where you put the flower vase has its rules, at least if you want to enjoy the flowers for as long as possible.

Where to place the flower vase?

You can get a flower table for your flower vase at home that doesn't take up much space, so it won't get in the way. It will stand out in any room, just find the right place for it.

  • Flowers don't like draughts, some literally hate them. Think about this when choosing the right place.
  • Direct sunlight is not suitable either, as it is not good for flowers, which will wilt and wither more quickly.
  • The vase should also not be placed near a radiator, stove or other heat source.
  • What else don't flowers like? Cigarette smoke. Definitely don't put them in a room where they smoke.
  • Watch out for the fruit bowl too. Ripe fruit gives off ethylene, which accelerates the ageing of flowers. It is harmless to humans, but it destroys flowers that breathe it. The flowers begin to wilt, the leaves fall off and within 2 or 3 days you could be without flowers.