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Girl and flowers belong together

How fast can you deliver the bouquet?

In Prague within 2 hours. Anywhere in Czech Rep. the same day within a few hours.

Where will you deliver the bouquets?

To any address in Czech Rep. which you put. No matter if it is home, work, or maybe hairdressers.

Is it anonymous?

It depends on you. The flower delivery can be anonymous, or we can add your name. We will respect your wishes.

How will you deliver the bouquet?

Our courier always hands over the bouquet in person, if the recipient is at the given address. When delivering to a private address we can call the recipient to see if she will be present. When delivering bouquets to companies, courier does not call and delivers the flowers in given time.

Will you also contact me via telephone?

The ordering party, you, we contact telephonically only if there is a problem with the address, the recipient is unreachable, and the problem needs to be solved urgently. In case the courier cannot reach the recipient, he leaves the bouquet with their colleagues of neighbours. Is it possible to add a card to the bouquet? Yes and for free. You can just add the text into a box “Text for attached card” when filling in the form. We will deliver the card together with the bouquet.

Do you deliver on weekends and during holidays?

Yes, we will deliver the bouquet even on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. The only exception is Christmas Holidays when we are closed. How much does the delivery cost? Workdays in time between 8 to 20 o’clock, a delivery costs 195CZK. On weekends, bank holidays, or on workdays in times between 20 to 8 o’clock the delivery price is 350CZK.

Will you let me know that you have delivered the bouquet?

Yes, we will always send you a confirmation of delivery, same as the confirmation of payment and other information.

What our customers say about us

Objednáno večer, doručeno dopoledne, doma spokojenost doteď. (cca 10dni) Budu opakovat.

Jindřích 29.9.2019

- Objednávám internetem spokojenost nadmíru
- Rychlost, přesnost
- Kvalitní práce a služby

Anett 27.9.2019

- nakúpila som krásnu kytku a mohla som ju poslať milovanej osobe, hoci sme stovky kilometrov od seba, kytka prišla krásna, čerstvá, urobila obrovskú radost

Milka 24.9.2019