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How to know the quality of flowers?

Cut flowers are natural and, above all, fresh goods, so it is clear that their lifetime is limited and depends on proper care. You can read about how to take care of flowers in another article in our advice section, but it is certainly worth knowing what is hidden under the quality label, which you will find on many flowers in our e-shop.

Our tip: Bouquets purchased in our e-shop are delivered not only in Brno and Liberec, but also throughout the Czech Republic within a few hours of ordering.

Flowers are marked with EX, A1, A2, B1 and B2 quality

It is not easy to mark individual flowers with their quality, after all they are living material. Nevertheless, the flower exchange has divided the quality of flowers into several groups or, if you prefer, classes, by which florists know the size of flowers and the quality of flowers.

  • EX - Flowers marked with the letters EX meet the criteria of class A1, even exceed them. They are the best you can get, differing from the A1 class by, for example, a larger number of flowers in multi-flowered plants, etc.
  • A1 - The standard quality of flowers delivered from the Dutch Exchange, a flower marked A1 must not have any defects.
  • A2 - Flowers marked with the qualifying class A2 differ only slightly from A1, for example in the length of the stems. At first glance, you cannot distinguish them from the A1 class at all; even an expert may have difficulty.
  • B1 - Flowers classified as B1 are so different from those classified as A1 that you can tell by looking at them with the naked eye. Roses may have a crooked stem, chrysanthemums often lack leaves in the lower tiers. But that doesn't mean they won't give you pleasure.
  • B2 - You are unlikely to come across flowers in this class in any florist's shop, but you may see them in mixed bouquets in hypermarkets and supermarkets. The size of individual flowers varies, the stems tend to be weaker and the weight is lower.

Do you know that we care about the quality and satisfaction of our customers? That's why we only use EX and A1 flowers.