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Delivery of flowers in the Czech Republic on Mon-Fri for 129 CZK

Flower delivery Ostrava and surroundings

  • Delivery today for Ostrava and nearby villages
  • Each bouquet is bound by a professional florist
  • We guarantee freshness for 7 days

Information on flower delivery in Ostrava

There is no limit to the place of delivery of flowers in Ostrava and the surrounding area. It can be at a private address, a business or restaurant, hotel, hairdresser... any day of the week between 8am and 8pm.

  • The price for delivering a bouquet by courier on working days is CZK129.00.
  • On Sat, Sun and public holiday CZK250.00.
  • The prices are flat and valid for Ostrava, the Moravian-Silesian region and the entire Czech Republic.

The time of delivery of the bouquet and its handover

We deliver flower gifts in Ostrava Mon-Sun. The flower gift will be delivered by the courier from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. In the order, you yourself determine the time of the driver's arrival at the address in three time zones. We can handle the import of flowers within 120 minutes. since order. When handing over, the courier is discreet and does not disclose information about the customer.

Flower selection and ordering

You can choose from more than 100 arrangements in up to 4 different sizes. For clarity, we have sorted them into categories. The most popular sections are for joy, for lovers and festive. You can also choose a Puget according to the occasion or the price.

Together with the flower, we will also deliver a small attention - a Raffaella box, a glass vase or a bottle of Bohemia sparkling wine. It's up to you. We will add your original wish or message to your gift free of charge.

Request for the delivery date, name and address of the recipient incl. you enter the text for the greeting card in the form. You enter the payment by credit card or instant transfer.

Our bouquet

We buy plants daily from farmers and suppliers. Bouquets are weighed by professional florists. We will add plant nutrition to the flower arrangement for free to prolong their freshness. Couriers drive in air-conditioned cars to maintain the required transport temperature.

Flowers delivered in Ostrava within a few hours

Bouquet "For little princess!" was delivered to Slezska Ostrava within 2 hours of ordering.We managed to deliver the bouquet to the hairdresser in Ostrava in just 2 hours.The bouquet was delivered exactly on time to the recipient in Ostrava Poruba.

Flowers & bouquets

Favorite categories

Do you require delivery of flowers to another city?

We deliver flowers throughout the Czech Republic. Take a look at the list of import locations. Didn't find the village you were looking for? Don't worry, we will really deliver the bouquet to her hands according to your request.